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Maternity Lingerie Feedback

We’ve had some fantastic feedback on our products, our branding and the service, please see below a list of comments from Twitter and Facebook:

@MumtyBumpty love ur products , I’ve shared with our Facebook and twitter followers

@MumtyBumpty amazing idea- wish I had known about you when I was having my babies. Good luck x

@MumtyBumpty i really like your logo, it’s brilliant

Looking for gorgeous maternity and nursing lingerie @MumtyBumpty is where you need to be x #pregnancy

Highly recommend, lovely lingerie! #breastfeeding and the service too 🙂

Wish it had been around 10 years ago.  Gorgeous maternity lingerie for new mums and mums-to-be:…

Love the name! look forward to learning more about your range of goodies for mums 🙂

Love your website, such a great idea will defiantly recommend x

Just started following! I’m sure I’ll need something soon, bump is rapidly expanding 🙂

Have ordered some pretty things so looking forward to getting them next week!

Preggo ladies, if you fancy some nice new undies that don’t resemble something your gran would wear @MumtyBumpty has pretty things!

Wish I knew your site when i was pregnant. So hard to find decent maternity underwear.

Looking for some inspiration on what to wear with one of our top-hiring dresses? @Mumtybumpty  http://tinyurl.com/axfntc2 

#northyorks #mothersday ideas to make mum feel special http://www.petermarfleetphotography.com/?p=7735/  featuring @MumtyBumpty @Violet_Pickles @SwintonPark

What great stuff!

20% off is a great offer for your lovely maternity wear.

What a fantastic brand name! love it!

@MumtyBumpty gets a mention “What to Wear When You’re Pregnant” http://doctoranddaughter.co.uk/?p=1595 

Looks lovely, shame I didn’t see this when I was pregnant. ;o)

Gorgeous x 🙂

I’ve got lots of mums expecting with their second baby, congratulations to them all. Will let them know about your fab maternity stuff when we are back at class next week

Feeling and looking beautiful during pregnancy!

Just because you are pregnant or breastfeeding doesn’t mean you can’t own beautiful lingerie, Mumty Bumpty stocks a range of fabulous, practical maternity underwear!


If you have any feedback you’d like to share with us, please contact us: info@mumtybumpty.com