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What to put in your hospital bag Hospital Bag Check List

It is advised to have your hospital bag ready in case you fall into labour early!  Ideally you want to have your hospital bag ready from 32 weeks onwards.. It may also be useful to phone up your local hospital or midwife prior to you going into labour to find out what will be provided for you and your new little bubba.  You want to make sure you have things in your hospital bag both for yourself and also for your new baby, which don’t forget will be going home with you!

In the UK you don’t always stay overnight after giving birth, but it makes sense to pack just in case you do.. also, you could be in labour for quite a while depending on contractions etc or you may need to stay overnight after all.

Things to take to the hospital when going into labour: birth plan phone number of your midwife and/or gynaecologist in case you had any last minute questions maternity hospital gown for labour & birth (if desired) loose pyjamas or nighty, preferably one that can open at the front for breastfeeding dressing gown & slippers a well fitted nursing bra which is a soft cup nursing bra and stretchy as your breasts will be very tender the first few days breast pads a towel, although the hospital may provide you with one anyway you may also wish to pack some maternity pads and some disposable briefs hair brush and hair bands tooth paste and tooth brush make up and/or other toiletries baby grows, 2 x newborn and 1 x 3-6 months as you never know what weight your baby will be! baby hat and cardigan baby blanket baby nappies baby mitts sudocrem camera so you can capture those precious moments also, don’t forget your husband/partner/new daddy or birthing partner!

And once you’ve given birth and you get to go home with your little bundle of joy, do not forget to pack a going home outfit both for you and your baby and a car seat for a save journey to home sweet home…….

Please also watch this video by Sudocrem in case we missed anything off our list!